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The Colors of Wilson

Vibrant Colors in an Old Sleepy Southern Town

Story by frank mckenna June 14th, 2014

Deep deep south

This is Wilson North Carolina. It’s deep in the south. In the 1800′s it’s economy thrived on cotton. After the civil war they had to remake themselves and it soon became the capital of the world for Tabacco production. This rustic city is filled with memories of old business, old warehouses and plenty of southern charm.


Nice people

I believe this is a place you have to come to, to completely appreciate it. People are nicer and more helpful here than you have experienced. Life moves slower. The BBQ is amazing and the colors and history are everywhere.


Old buildings

The buildings are old. There are a fair number of wig shops and other businesses that you make you wonder how they survive our modern economy


To myself

I seemingly had the town to myself this day. I took a walk back through time.


Old rubber plants

It still seems to be operational as I could smell the rubber being melted as I browsed this old factory.


A piece off the old block

Groves Stott Store appears to be closed for remodeling (or something)


A horse

Of course.


Tabacco road

An old shack for cotton or tobacco, I could not be sure.


Old slave quarters

Outside town, I found this old abandoned place which appeared to be old slave quarters from what I could tell.


Jesus will save you

The town is deeply religious as many of the southern towns are



Goodbye Wilson. Beautiful Town