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May Grey

A collection of gloomy shots of (not so) sunny San Diego

Story by frank mckenna May 22nd, 2014


Its May. That means May Grey, that time of year when San Diego is blanketed in a thick marine layer. Although it has not been particularly bad this year, May Grey has a a way of making everything just a bit more depressing here.



This is the famous tree that inspired Dr Seuss while he lived in La Jolla writing books like The Lorax. I suppose he was inspired on a bright sunny day but in this photo the Dr Seuss tree looks a bit sinister.


Lonely surf

A lone surfer trudges drearily home, wishing May Grey moved on and the sun returned.


Fishing in fog

A man fishes for fish. He’s fishing in fog.
man on beach copy.jpg

no lifeguard necessary

Nobodies in the water. No lifeguard needed. Maybe they’ll come back in July when the sun and the swimmers come back.
torrey pines.jpg

birds are flying north

The birds decide they have had enough and head to Seattle for some good weather.


One color - grey

San Diego is dominated by one color during May and June - Grey. It’s everywhere. Sometimes we wont see the sun for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Man on the pier

This man on the pier is looking out into a very dreary situation.


birds looking for food

These birds don’t care. They’re just looking for food.

birds final-X3.jpg

Still beautiful

I think San Diego is still beautiful, even when its gloomy.


Good night

Good night San Diego. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow.